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The Ragini Makkhar

India is known for its rich tradition of classical music and dance-kathak being one of them holds a special position among all. Our great gurus of this ancient classical dance, not only preserved the art form, but took it out from the confinement of the four walls of the forts and palaces of the kings and brought it to the masses. Ragini Makkhar is one of those fortunate ones who has inherited this tradition and she playing a vital role in preserving the great dance culture.

Endowed with a creative mind and an exquisite pursuit for learning the intricacies of kathak, Ragini Makkhar is bestowed with a complete passion for dance, as a “Sadhana”. An alumni of Lucknow Gharana, she was initiated into the art of kathak at the age of 5 years and commenced her training under the commendable guidance of the world-renowned kathak exponent Smt. Sitara Devi.

She had taken her Prarambhik Shiksha from Pt. Rajkumad Tholiya of Ujjain and had completed her graduation in his guidance. She had taken training in Gat Bhav from Smt. Poonam Vyas, Mumbai Later, she shifted to Indore the continued her vigorous training under the guidance of Dr. (Smt.) Suchitra Harmalkar and Smt. Sudha Singh. Her urge to explore wider horizons of this classical dance form took her to “Kala Shetra”, Chennat Presently, she is honing her skills under the prudent guidance of the great Kathak exponent Smt. Shama Bhate and Tabla maestro Padam Shri Pt. Suresh Talwalkar following the true traditions of Guru Shishya Parampara.

She attributes her success to her soul mate Shri Hemant Makkhar who himself is an acclaimed tabla player and has been instrumental in supporting her aspiration.

Presently appointed as a Principal and Director of Naadyog’s Madhya Pradesh Zone, which is the branch of the Pracheen Kala Kendra (Chandigarh) & she is also an eminent member of the International Dance Council and is providing her valuable dance lessons to the students of Daly College as well.

“Chakravyuh” has been her trademark style of choreography. Also, she masters “Bhramari” and variety of exquisite footwork elegantly. A choreographer par excellence, she has choreographed many dances and directed dramas. To name of few : Krishna Rang, Shiva Katha, Moksha, Megh Vaarta, Naari Eli, Vallabh Priya “Radhikaa”, Nritya Charita, Ashtanaayika Nritya bhaav, Five Elements, Colours of Life, Dream of Artists, Dancing with the wind, The Orbit of Rhythms and Ocean to Sky.

She has performed individually as well as part of group, both at national and international level. She is constantly exploring new horizons with new and innovative ideas to improvise kathak, without compromising with its traditional flavour. Her experiments with fusion in Kathak are worth appreciating.
She is an epitome of sincerity, hard work and dedication which reflects in her focused “SADHANA”.

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