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Most frequent questions and answers

Well, that’s very easy. You can either click the tab “Register Now” placed in lower section of the Home Page or you can simply choose the “Online classes” option from the Menu section. There after you can follow the instructions mentioned there. Choose the course, fill in your details, make the payments and you are good to go.

No, if you choose to go with one month option of a course, you will only get access to that particular month’s classes, you registered for, which means only 10 classes plus the additional live Q&A sessions, that we will be conducting from time to time. Suppose you choose the first month package of a particular course, you need to register for the second month month, once your first month is completed and likewise. All our online courses are for a duration of 4 months with a total of 40 classes (32 weekly classes + 8 master classes) plus additional live Q&A sessions, which we will be doing from time to time. If you take the complete 4 months package, you will get access to all the 40 classes for 4 months.

Naadyog Regular Batches are for the regular students of Naadyog Gurukul. The regular classes are shifted to the digital platform cos of the pandemic. If you are a new student, and not a regular, you should register for the “Kathak for Beginners” course.

You can finish the 40 classes of a particular course in 10 days, by viewing 4 classes a day. No rehearsals, no learning, just going through the content for entertainment or in excitement of finishing it. But you need to ask yourself, will that be of any help to you? Will you learn a single thing by doing that? The answer is ‘NO’. If you are a newbie & you want to rush, kathak is not the right dance form for you. The duration and number of classes are kept that way, so that you learn from it, and not just see. We have planned the courses and their durations as per Guru Dr. Ragini Makkhar’s 22 years of experience training her students. So, our advice to you is, take it slow, enjoy the process and learn as per the Guru. Maximum 2-3 classes a week with proper practice. When you get stuck at something, watch the session again and practice. Plus if you rush, you will be missing out on the additional live Q&A sessions, that the Guru will be conducting from time to time, during the courses.

Yes, our online students can join us for our festival tours abroad. We usually do these tours during summer season, when most of the schools and colleges are closed for the summer break. And you never know, if you train yourself well through our online courses, you might even get the chance to perform with the group.

To book Dr. Ragini Makkhar for performances at your events, you can either click the “Book for Events” tab on the home page or simply select “Event Bookings” from the Menu section. Once on the page, you can either fill the form with the details and submit or you can directly call us on the number mentioned there. The details for event bookings are also mentioned in the “Contact Us” page. The best kathak troupe is available for your event, book now. 

One people can login into one account at a time. If anyone tries to login on two or more devices the account gets banned and admin permission is necessary to remove this ban.
You can easily become a member by registering on our web portal. You can register for the course you want. Currently we have three membership plans.
You can login into your account by going to the login page. Login page can be accessed easily by going into my account section in main menu.
Currently we have three courses on our portal. Kathak for beginners, Naadyog batch 1, Naadyog batch 2.